Step inside the future of work

Imagine if your job wasn’t just something you did, but something you experienced. Journey with us into the metaverse as we discover what it means for the future of work - and how to get started today.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is an internet you can step inside through a virtual reality headset, mixed reality smart glasses, or even via a mobile device. It will change the way we create, play, socialize, shop, learn and work by making us feel truly present with other people.

Our vision for the future of work

At Meta, we’re bringing culture and technology together to create a future of work that works for everyone, everywhere. Click the symbols below to learn more.

We’ll boost performance by embracing new ways of working together.

We’ll have a greater sense of presence than ever before.

We’ll be able to choose when, where and how we work.

We’ll create more inclusive spaces that increase our sense of belonging.

Experience the future of work today

While the full promise of the metaverse is still some years away, we’re already developing new products and experiences to power a more productive future.


Workrooms is a virtual space where teams can come together either in VR or through the web to collaborate, communicate and connect remotely. You can even bring your desk, keyboard and computer screen with you.


Workplace is a business communication tool that bridges the physical and digital worlds. It’s where over 7m people in organizations around the world come together to share information, work on projects and build community.

Portal for Business

Experience the future of video collaboration with a dedicated screen for video calls featuring Smart Camera and Sound, as well as native AR experiences.

Quest for Business

Our full VR hardware and software solution for businesses will make it easier for teams to work together any way, anywhere, while integrating your favorite 2D productivity and collaboration apps. It also includes critical features like multi-device management and enterprise-grade security.

Learn more about the future of work

Step inside the future of work

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