The Dropbox and Workplace integration helps to connect your whole company through centralized communication and creative collaboration tools, so that your teams can find information easily to stay on the same page. Dropbox streamlines your workflows, for both creators and distributed teams, and it syncs all your files across desktop and mobile so your people can access them no matter where they might be. You can also securely upload, download, share, preview and edit any Dropbox files on Workplace, and you can link your Dropbox folders to Workplace groups so your employees can see who’s working on what.
This integration also allows only authenticated previews of shared Dropbox files, providing those with permission to a file or folder to view content previews on Workplace, ensuring that files are always safely protected. Integrate Dropbox and Workplace to supercharge your employees’ workflows and ability to keep everybody in the loop with the most up-to-date company information.


  • Anteprime autorizzate
    Visualizza l'anteprima di link e documenti aggiunti a questi post in modo sicuro
  • Cartelle collegate
    Collega una cartella a un gruppo di Workplace per sincronizzare i file
  • estensioni per la condivisione
    Trova e condividi facilmente contenuti su Workplace sul web e su dispositivi mobili

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