Google Drive

Integrate Google Drive with Workplace to easily share files and documents with your team across all of your devices. Drive lets your organization create, edit and collaborate in spreadsheets, presentations and drawings across Google Docs, Sheets and Slides - in real time, from anywhere. Integrating Drive with Workplace helps you manage your workflow better by giving your teams access to the same information and syncing your files to let your employees know when documents are updated. And when you connect to Google Drive, you can add new people to your Workplace Groups, giving them automatic access to your team’s folder in Drive.
The Google Drive integration keeps all your files organized and up to date without the hassle of having to switch between apps. Drive also provides encrypted and secure access to files and ensures that all shared information is proactively scanned and removed in case of malware, spam, ransomware or phishing. Because Google Drive is intuitive and simple to use, your teams can put more focus on creating value instead of mundane tasks.


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